Daniel Jalkut
Founder ... Red Sweater Software
blog ... Bitsplitting
twitter ... @danielpunkass
contact ... inquiries@redsweater.com

Objective To empower people through software development and design.


- Expert Mac system and application developer
- Highly skilled with Swift and Objective-C programming languages
- Proficient with JavaScript, Python, and C++
- Design experience with Cocoa for Mac and iOS UIKit frameworks
- Strong debugging skills ranging from source to assembly levels
- Track record of meeting strict deadlines and shipping quality products
- Excellent communication, planning, and teamwork skills


Red Sweater Software, Founder & Lead Developer
Arlington, Massachusetts (2002-Present)

As the developer of Red Sweater Software's line of applications, I provide technical and customer support to a wide variety of users, and am an active participant in the Mac developer community. My background as an Apple OS engineer and application developer makes me an ideal asset for companies who require broad technical coverage from a small team of engineers.

As an independent consultant and engineer, I was the sole-developer and contributor to a variety of projects spanning a diverse range of technical requirements. My contributions to client software include porting from Windows and Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X, original development of Mac OS X UI applications, and the development of a tightly integrated Safari upload plugin. I have enjoyed working relationships with world-class clients including Corbis, Fog Creek Software, HeavyMail, Hewlett-Packard, and SoundSpectrum.

Apple Computer, Cupertino, California
Senior System Software Engineer (May 1996-July 2002)

As a member of the Apple OS X and Mac OS 9 development teams, I contributed to the successful releases of Mac OS versions 7.6 through 10.2.

In the Mac OS X Application Frameworks department, I developed and maintained Carbon APIs for Mac OS X. These APIs allowed legacy Macintosh applications to be easily ported for native execution on Mac OS X. I was responsible for the Code Fragment Manager (CFM), CarbonLib on X, the Folder Manager, and parts of the CFNetwork framework.

On the Mac OS 9 System Integration team, I fixed bugs and implemented new functionality in the Mac OS operating system and ToolBox, integrated new Apple technologies into the System file, served as a technical authority for changes to the Mac OS system file, and was responsible for the Memory Control Panel.

Apple Computer, Cupertino, California
Software Quality Engineer (June 1995-May 1996)

I served as a primary quality engineer for the Mac OS 7.5, 7.5.3, and 7.5.5 system software projects. Working closely with the Mac OS system integration engineers, I performed targeted testing of pre-release system software. My duties included authoring test tools in C, debugging and isolating reported bugs with MacsBug, and attending bug review and project planning meetings as a representative of the quality assurance group.

UC Santa Cruz, School of Engineering Research Department
C Programmer (January 1995-June 1995)

Developed code which parsed incoming data transmitted from weather instruments around the Pacific Coast for storage in a mainframe database of environmental data. I wrote code which compiled and ran on Sun, IBM RS/6000, Silicon Graphics, and DEC Alpha workstations.


Bachelor of Arts, Computer & Information Sciences
University of California at Santa Cruz awarded December, 1995.

Coursework focused on operating systems and computer architecture.

Bachelor of Arts, Music
San Francisco State University awarded May, 2005.

Coursework focused on general history and theory of music.