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Black Ink 2

Download, solve, and print puzzles on your Mac.

Requires macOS 10.12 or higher. Back to Black Ink 2 home page.

Black Ink 2 is a major redesign and refinement of the longstanding crossword solving app for the Mac. Here's a list of the biggest changes:

Free for All

You can download and use Black Ink with all premium features, free for 14 days. After your trial is up, purchase a license or use it for free with some features disabled.

Works with VoiceOver

Finally, an accessible crossword-solving app for the Mac! Navigate the puzzle grid and hear the clues for each word, as well as the state of each answer square in the grid.

Even Smarter Solving

Advance through the puzzle with the tab key. Answers that have been checked and are not correct are now considered "empty" for tabbing purposes.

A Modern, Clean Design

A streamlined puzzle solving window integrates clues, timer, and pristine drawing to really make your puzzles shine on modern Mac displays.

Dark Mode Support

In macOS 10.14 and later, a refined black-and-gray grid offers a subdued solving experience in Dark Mode, with just a bit of "white ink" to make your puzzle answers pop.

Noteworthy... Notes

Puzzles that come with notes by the author will now prompt you to view them when a puzzle is opened, and can be dragged off the puzzle to refer to as you solve.