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August 31st, 2010

After the announcement earlier this year that C4 was cancelled, I had a hard time getting too excited about conferences. My feelings about Apple’s WWDC are ambivalent: it’s an impressive production and a great opportunity to meet up with dozens or hundreds of colleagues, but it’s expensive and simply lacks the heart of smaller conferences. I go to WWDC every year with some amount of excitement, but mostly as a point of professional obligation. Attending smaller get-togethers like C4, on the other hand, is pure indulgence.

While I don’t think C4 can be replaced, there are other conferences of a similar scale that can help to fill the void. This Fall offers a full calendar of options for folks who are looking for an opportunity to socialize with peers and learn a few new tricks of the trade:

VTM iPhone Developer’s Conference: October 16-17, Philadelphia, PA.
Voices That Matter has been on a run with iPhone-targeted conferences, putting on a show every 6 months or so at different locations around the country. I spoke at the Boston event a year or so ago, and had a great time.

I am attending the Philadelphia event as a speaker alumni guest, and they have also passed along a discount code to share with you: PHBLOGS. If you use this code before September 10th, it combines with early bird pricing for a total savings of $300.

MacTech Conference: November 3-5, Los Angeles, CA.
For all you hardcore Mac and IT nerds who have had enough of the iPhone-only conferences, this is the place for you. This is the inaugural event and seems to have come at least in part as a reaction to Apple’s substantial omission of Mac and IT content from the WWDC event this year.

I’m speaking at this conference and although I won’t say exactly what my topic is, it just might set me up for a world class showdown with my illustrious friend Wil Shipley, who is also scheduled to appear.

360 iDev: November 7-10, Austin, TX.
Hot on the heels of MacTech, 360 iDev is another iPhone-oriented conference that has been skipping around the country. The Austin, TX location is a big draw for me, but I think with so much other activity and the speaking gig just prior in Los Angeles, I will have to sit this one out.

Apple Developer Tech Talks: November-December? Worldwide.
If you haven’t been lucky enough to live near enough and apply quickly enough for these stellar events, you’ve missed out. For the past several years Apple has sent some of its best communicators to put on what amounts to a micro-WWDC: a day of intensive sessions on the latest and greatest Apple technologies.

I attended last year’s New York event and wrote up the experience for TUAW. Assuming Apple puts this tour on again this year, and I’m eligible to attend, I’ll be scampering to sign up. You should, too!

What else is going on in the Apple-sphere this Fall? If I am overlooking something big, please share with us in the comments below. I’ll update the post later with a more “definitive” list of options to choose from.

8 Responses to “Fall Conferences”

  1. foresmac Says:

    There will be a conference in Chicago this fall, though I don’t know if it has officially been announced just yet.

  2. Luis de la Rosa Says:

    Funny – I’ve been compiling a list myself over the past week. You got most of them.

    There is also iPhoneDevCon, September 27-29 in San Diego, CA. http://www.iphonedevcon.com/

  3. Ortwin Gentz Says:

    For your German readers, there’s:

    Macoun, Oct 2-3, Frankfurt: http://macoun.de/
    iPhoneDevCon, Dec 1-2, Cologne: http://iphonedevcon.de/

    I’ve been to both of them last year and they’re good. Macoun is more developer/indie style, iPhoneDevCon is more marketing-focused.

  4. Dave Dribin Says:

    The one in Chicago that @foresmac mentioned is SecondConf:


    I don’t have any more details other than what’s currently on the website, which is basically just a date: October 22-24, 2010.

  5. Bob Frank Says:


    Yup. A bunch of us thought that autumn in Chicago wouldn’t be right without a conference.

    Follow @secondconf on twitter for conference announcements, we expect to have more news very soon, and save the date: October 22-24

    We’re just waiting to firm up the final speakers before announcing all the details (so the deadline for BlitzTalks on the site is wrong, don’t worry). However, if people have ideas for BlitzTalks we are accepting them right now, email blitz@secondconf.com (20 slides @ 15 seconds each).

  6. Karl Kuehn Says:

    There is also the MacSysAdmin confrence in Sweden Sep 29 – Oct 1:


    I got to speak there last year on InstaDMG, and have been invited back for a second year.

  7. Jens Beier Says:

    There’s a cheap but lovely indie & community conference in Frankfurt/Germany called Macoun. http://www.macoun.de/

  8. Jonathan Freeman Says:

    Developer driven bar-camp style conference, Cocoa Camp @cocoacamp


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