The Mac App Store Debug Menu

January 9th, 2011

I can’t help myself. It’s probably worth noting that nobody knows for sure what these options do, and you might do serious damage to your Mac or your App Store account by playing with them. But … just a look can’t hurt … can it?

  1. Quit App
  2. Open Terminal
  3. defaults write ShowDebugMenu -bool true
  4. Relaunch App Store

Enjoy it while you can. I’m sure it will be gone in the next update, especially if anybody at Apple sees this post.

21 Responses to “The Mac App Store Debug Menu”

  1. Micksabox Says:

    Any idea what disabling “Enable Purchase Check” will do? Sounds like it will do exactly what it sounds like: disabling ‘checking’ upon ‘purchasing’…Hmmm

  2. steve Says:

    More likely it checks for purchased software on your computer.

  3. Steve Jobs Says:

    Go to hell

    -Sent from my iPhone

  4. Ev149 Says:

    Hurray for exploits!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    So why would I want to get into this menu?

  6. Matthew Frederick Says:

    @Lorenzo Curiosity, perhaps?

  7. Lukas Mathis Says:

    “Allow Dev Signed Apps” seems interesting. Maybe Apple is playing around with the idea of somehow allowing apps that are not in the App Store to make use of its installation mechanism?

  8. Carlo Says:

    The fake server is quite strange:

    “Firenze” is an italian city (Florence). “porco” in italian means “pig”, “swine”, “hog”.
    Maybe the developer is italian, or hates Florence or both? however the server, is existing, is not responding when accessed from the internet.

  9. Chase Sechrist Says:

    Fake server location is pretty interesting.

    Anyway, some of this may be a part of the normal development kit? Surely people developing mac app store apps want to test some of the deployment mechanisms or something.

  10. qna Says:

    Interesting to see the debug mode from apple!

  11. Alessandro Massone Says:

    In Florence there”™s this historical, iconic marketplace named “Il Mercato del Porcellino,” (The Marketplace of the Small Pig) after a statue of a pig (it”™s actually more like a boar, but whatever) near the piazza full of stalls.

    It looks to me like the kind of an inside joke Apple could make.

  12. Carlo Says:

    Your guess is absolutely correct Alessandro, as we can link together Firenze, the pig and the Store (Market).

  13. RustyMercury Says:

    That fake server is not accessible because it’s inside Apple’s internal network. You need to set up a VPN connection using AppleConnect and use credentials of an Apple employee to log in.

  14. Simon Strandgaard Says:

    “The Marketplace of the Small Pig”… awesome and true :-)

  15. JP Kwom Says:

    This is cool. How did you find this? Can you explain the process you went through to discover this setting?

  16. Hellie Says:

    I think your speculation on the server is a bit far fetched. Probably just acronyms of some sort, this isn’t a riddle contest.

  17. 0xfeedface Says:

    `strings /Applications/App\\ Store | grep -E “^\w+$” | grep -i debug`

    is always a good start. ;)

  18. Rodrigo Says:

    I just tested it, but the menu does nothing, doesn’t matter what you change.

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  20. Leo Marihart Says:

    No, ‘Porco’ is probably because there are some Japanese anime fans at Apple.

    ‘Porco Rosso’ (aka ‘The Red Pig’) was a Hayao Miyazaki film. The location? Italy.:

    Just a guess. I’ve seen other servers @Apple named like that…lotsa fans at 1 Infinite Loop.


  21. Hellie Says:

    I think your speculation on the server is a bit far fetched

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