Blast From The Past

January 20th, 2011

Following the cues of friends Shawn Blanc, Marco Arment, and Neven Mrgan, among others, I’m digging in to the Red Sweater Blog archives to find some older posts that I think are worth reading, if you missed them the first time around.

I love the idea of highlighting things that others have written, but since I don’t have a convenient repository of these items, and haven’t got time to scour my mind for suitable candidates, I’m sticking to what I know best. Presented here with a brief synopsis:

  • AdiĆ³s a las Computadoras Dell. On the eve of Apple’s transition to Intel processors, I speculate that the end is nigh for Dell.
  • Magical Code. Based on my experience working at very low levels inside Apple, and on my own high level stuff, I dispel the notion that any code is so magical that you can’t understand it.
  • Five Things I May or May Not Know. Particularly meaningful for folks who are grappling with the idea that their full-time work is not for them, and are toying with the idea of branching out on their own.
  • The Road Less Traveled. The story of my transition from a full-time Apple engineer to a self-bootstrapped software business owner.
  • Forget the Shortest Path. Wisdom inspired by lessons in sailing. Sometimes moving directly at your objective is not the most pragmatic way of reaching it.
  • It Should Be Free. My reaction to the expectation among some customers that things should be free. I dig into the true cost of “free” things.
  • Getting Pretty Lonely. My rant against the GPL open source license.
  • Elements of Twitter Style. My fairly recent prescription for getting the most out of Twitter, while annoying the fewest.

Thanks, as always, for your attention to my blog and my writing.