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August 20th, 2006

It occurred to me that I’m using this blog to spew updates about FlexTime, and that some of you might not give the slightest damn about updates to that particular product :)

On the other side of the spectrum, I’m sure some FlexTime users would like to subscribe to news about the application without being subjected to my lengthy diatribes about gdb debugging or Cocoa programming.

I’m going to try to start making better use of categories, including the hierarchical feature in WordPress, which allows for high-level subscription to only a specific category or to a whole class that live under the same parent.

For starters I’ve moved all the existing tags/categories into two high-level groups: “Red Sweater News” and, for lack of a better name, “Articles.” Basically, “Articles” is everything of general interest to the world, with occasional announcements of major software releases. “Red Sweater News” is for my customers, or anybody interested in following all the announcements about my products. If you’re just here to see what I have to say about various topics, stick with “Articles.” I will probably further refine the Articles category in the future so you can, for instance, ignore my technical pieces and only get the opinion, or whatever. The default feed will continue to carry everything.

In summary and for future reference, here is a list of the various pages and feeds you might be interested in:

Everything – View | Subscribe

Articles Only – View | Subscribe

Red Sweater Product News – View | Subscribe

FlexTime News – View | Subscribe

FastScripts News – View | Subscribe

Clarion News – View | Subscribe

Hopefully this isn’t complicating things too much!

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