FlexTime 1.0.3

September 1st, 2006

I released FlexTime 1.0.3 today, the most substantial “bug fix” update yet. This version fixes a few teeny bugs, expands scripting support to include “time remaining” and “elapsed time” for activities, and extends the “shorthand input” to the duration text box. So now you can just type “30s” or “15m” for instance into the duration box for 30 seconds and 15 minutes respectively.

This release also contains the first non-English localization of FlexTime. Alexander Repty volunteered to do a complete translation to German, including the help files. Thanks, Alexander! I’m really excited about this and am now looking forward to adding support for other languages.

The support for scripted access to elapsed time for activities was motivated by this forum post, where a user was looking for a good way to present “motivational encouragement.” I’ve included in the examples folder a scripted cue that demonstrates a good use for this. Let’s take a ridciulously arbitrary example. Say I’ve scheduled my Listerine gargling into a FlexTime routine, and want to be regularly prompted with info about my progress, I just set the intervals cue to “Run Script” and choose the Encouragement Cue script file:

The script is written such that it will show text for 2 seconds each time it is run, containing the elapsed and remaining times:

Pretty nifty.

One Response to “FlexTime 1.0.3”

  1. Ryan Ballantyne Says:

    Yay! I love updates to FT scriptability.

    Hey Daniel, now that you mention it, I’d be happy to do a Spanish version. Email if interested.

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