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September 14th, 2006

In my last post, I talked about the series of events that have led to my running my own company. But getting there is only half the battle. Once you’ve decided to venture out on your own, you have to come up with a name for yourself.

Alex Repty recently observed that a large number of Mac software companies are named using the formula “Adjective Noun.” I think it’s probably a trend that transcends the Mac community, but I can’t help but agree there are lots of us around. Red Shed, Toxic Software, Martian Technology, Rogue Amoeba, Delicious Monster, and Flying Meat all come to mind within a few moments of pondering. Others come close but diverge just barely from the pattern. Foggy Creek Software?

So what is the ambitious new business-person to do? Need some help figuring out what to call your stunning new venture? Allow me to lend a hand…

Adjective Noun Software

(Register this domain name cheaply at DreamHost…)

Now that you’ve got motivation and a name, all that’s left is the work. Get moving!

28 Responses to “Adjective Noun Software”

  1. Alexander Repty Says:

    This is awesome. Even more so the suggestions it gives: Dirty Clinic Software, hehe.

  2. Logan Rockmore Says:

    Melting Horse is definitely a winner.

  3. Jonathan Wight Says:

    Infected Helicopter, LLC has that certain something…

  4. Jonathan Wight Says:

    Oh oh oh: Magnanimous Rabbit Software

  5. Michael Dupuis Says:

    The very “Letterman-esque” “Automated Pants” would make a catchy name.

  6. Tom Harrington Says:

    “Deadly Sweater” must be Red Sweater’s evil twin software company.

  7. Kevin Perry Says:

    Narcissistic Sphincter?

  8. Jesper Says:

    Carnivorous Beach, LLC.

    I’m sold.

  9. Paul Says:

    You know, I noticed this a while back (when Delicious Monster opened actually), and Quentin and I were discussing it last month. I don’t recall trying for this at all with our own name, though we did come up with Rogue Butterfly (a rather obscure Simpsons reference) before switching our noun to Amoeba. Looking back, there’s Yellow Dog, Red Hat, and others.

    It’s an interesting an bizarre trend, but one that perhaps makes sense when so many simple names are already in use.

    You missed one you should have thought of, and it’s my favorite from the trend: Atomic Bird

    Also, Toxic Software doesn’t really seem to fit – Id just think of them as “Toxic”. Software is pretty generic, as opposed to Amoeba, Monster, or Meat.

  10. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Atomic Bird was definitely in my mind when I was first thinking about this, but managed to escape while I was jotting down the post! Thanks for mentioning it.

  11. Jon Crosby Says:

    Cranky Diaper, LLC…If only I had this valuable tool when forming Kaboomerang years ago ;-)

  12. atomic1fire Says:

    Magnetic Pants

  13. Jon Trainer Says:

    Marginal Technology!

    This is great fun.

  14. Andre Stechert Says:

    Uh oh. Doomed Software? I think I’ll take a pass on that one.

  15. Micheal J Says:

    Dirty Software? Oi vey.

  16. Brian Says:

    Fantastic Pants, Inc.

    Love it.

  17. Jacob Gorban Says:

    Yes, I’ve also noted this when I was thinking about a name for my Mac software business. I think I know the reason for this. All one-word domain names are taken ;-), unless you mind making a word up. It took me several weeks to think of a good name and which also has a domain name available.

    My selection at the end was Apparent Software which is “Adjective software”, without the noun part (I don’t count “software” word).
    The first app (Image Framer) is to be released in a few days by the way.

  18. Jack M Says:

    Illiterate Soup, Inc.

    How wonderful that is.

    This noun + adjective realization reminds me of the obnoxious ’90s band name formula: Noun + number.

  19. Matt Navarre Says:

    The first two it threw out there:
    Deadly Hamburger Software
    Disgusting Metabolisim Software

    I’m half tempted to write a recipe app.

  20. dvb Says:

    Those are all really frightfully plausible names it comes up with! Brillig!

  21. Adam Says:

    Poetic Towel Software.
    I thought of it first!! (well not really, but i thought it was cool first)

  22. Mychol Says:

    “Image Framer” makes me suspicious that the adjective+noun pattern in company names might become a noun+verb pattern for the products (or services) those companies produce.

    Can anyone suggest other examples of the existence of this product naming pattern?

  23. Mike Says:

    If I ever wanted to run a web-based porn company, I’ve got the name already:

    Delicious Sphincter, LLC


  24. Jesse Says:

    Benevolent Diaper. This made me laugh out loud. I also liked Comical Lunch Industries.

  25. Scott Stevenson Says:

    I think you need to hold a competition. Choose a company name and submit an illustration or logo for it, in the flavor of Steven Frank’s Spamusement.

  26. Joachim Bengtsson Says:

    Thanks! :) We’re now ;)

  27. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Joachim: Haha! I quite like it. It has a great visual quality and I can’t wait to see a logo for it someday :) I imagine a stapler smiling and bowing with respect.

  28. Nicole Says:

    Some of these are morbid. I’m looking for a name for a business i’m looking to start. It’s a handmade invitation and card business which in time I would like to expand to party planning, including favor making, etc. Anyone have any suggestions that are a little bit more upbeat then these choices? Any help would be appreciated?

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