FlexTime Remotely

September 20th, 2006

FlexTime begs to be controlled remotely. That is, from across the room where you’re doing your dance, meditation, or presentation. Apple is shipping remote controls with more and more of its computers, but has done little to enable integration with 3rd party applications.

Fortunately two great applications exist for managing the remote’s functionality in a number of applications. Sofa Control and Mira each provide support for FlexTime, bridging the gap between your computer and where you’re sitting, standing, or jumping while you use FlexTime.

Twisted Melon, the company behind Mira, has taken things one step further and developed a hardware product to give Apple Remote support to those of whose machines don’t come with it built-in.

Cool stuff!

A reader pointed out that a 3rd app, Remote Buddy also targets this crowded field of applications. But Remote Buddy doesn’t seem to have any built-in or downloadable support for FlexTime.

2 Responses to “FlexTime Remotely”

  1. F.H. Says:

    RemoteBuddy is missing! :D

  2. F.H. Says:

    On the developer site is a behaviour construction kit available. I guess you are free to create a Remote Buddy behaviour for FlexTime… ;-).

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