MarsEdit 3.3.2: Fixed Spell Checking

August 2nd, 2011

MarsEdit 3.3.2 is now available as a free update for registered MarsEdit 3 customers. New customers may purchase via the Mac App Store or directly from the Red Sweater Store.

This update addresses an annoying issue that popped up with Lion 10.7 and on Snow Leopard 10.6 when Safari 5.1 is installed: continuous spell-checking stopped working. It also improves the effectiveness of font-style changes in the rich editor, and includes a couple other minor enhancements.

  • Fix for continuous spell-checking in Rich Text editor when Safari 5.1 is installed
  • Fix a bug that prevented Font Panel size changes from applying to text
  • Fix autoconfiguration to fail more gracefully on unrecognized blog systems
  • Add “Edit With” external editor item to post list contextual menu


2 Responses to “MarsEdit 3.3.2: Fixed Spell Checking”

  1. Clark Says:

    Thanks for the good work. MarsEdit makes me truly love blogging again.

  2. Torley Says:

    I love browsing back through the archive of MarsEdit incremental releases – including before I ever used it – and seeing how much Daniel’s done to improve it over the years. This release fixed a couple bugs I was gonna report! How preemptive, like Minority Report but in an uplifting way. Thanx again Daniel, and I wrote about this and my support of MarsEdit @ http://bit.ly/pvsZP1


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