They Tooks It From Me

October 13th, 2006

Since I moved to the Boston area, the TomTom Go 300 GPS has been a real lifesaver for me. Actually, since before we moved – we drove across the country from San Francisco to Boston, and let me tell you it paid for itself just in helping us to find food and lodging along the way.

And then it paid for itself doubly and triply as I got my bearings in the crazy streets of Somerville, Cambridge, and other Boston suburbs in which I dwell. It’s just so handy to be able to type in an address and “go there.” I love it in spite of its sometimes quirky ignorance of one-way streets, etc.

And then they tooks it from me. Last night or this morning, somebody smashed in the passenger’s side window of my car and took the TomTom from my glove box.


I was a fool to leave it in the car, but that’s just sort of how I am. I tend to tempt humanity with trust until proven foolish. I’ve also gotten a bit of false security about my neighborhood because of crazy incidents like accidentally leaving the windows down with the TomTom in plain sight, overnight, with no repercussions! Coming here from the Mission District in SF, it does feel kind of like Candyland in many regards.

But my poor TomTom is still gone.

7 Responses to “They Tooks It From Me”

  1. Jon Henshaw Says:

    When I lived in Denver I used to be 1 block away from a police station in a fairly safe and uneventful neighborhood. But I still had my car broken into twice while I lived there and had my stereo stolen each time. Such is life…

  2. Joseph Goldstone Says:

    In re: “its sometimes quirky ignorance of one-way streets”:

    You’re in Boston. All one-way street signs mean is “your car should be pointing in this direction”; don’t let them stop you from getting where you need to go. Your car has a reverse gear; use it.

  3. TjL Says:

    I feel your pain. My TomTom’s power adapter stopped working while I was driving around Cape Cod (“Where North is South and South is East and East doesn’t Exist”). Fortunately it is under warranty. I hope it comes back soon. I miss it. Anyway, check they always have good GPS deals.

  4. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    TjL: thanks, I will check that site out. I’m not sure since I don’t drive much these days whether I’ll just hold off and wait for the prices to come down even more.

    As far as TomTom and warranty service goes, I think they’re fantastic. I had a problem on mine and they just gave me a new one. Boy, I wish I could get the old one back now, crashes and all :)

  5. Adam Burt Says:

    I know that feeling all to well, as I also had my car broken into last night as well :( In my case I had some very important documents taken, which where hidden in the boot (I think you call it the trunk in the US) that I meet to take out but forgot. It’s just the frustration of it all, that is the pain full bit!

  6. Dave Chiu Says:

    Somewhat ironic that a GPS unit can find itself, but nobody else can. That is, if only there were some way to track your Tom Tom when it was turned on, you’d be able to figure out where the thief is whenever he used it…

  7. James Duncan Davidson Says:

    Ugh. Yep. That looks about like what my car looked like when they snagged mine. I saw it. Then I looked again and just thought, “Oh damn.”

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