Twas The Night Before C4

October 19th, 2006

I’m leaving for C4 tomorrow, which is sort of my way of making up for missing WWDC this year. I’m excited to meet lots of people in person who I’ve come to know through the bit paths of the internet.

It occurred to me that most people at the conference won’t know me when they see me. I don’t make a habit of pushing my own photos. No Flickr feed to speak of, etc. So here’s my rare act of self-publicity. Maybe this picture will encourage you to come up and introduce yourself.

The photo is sort of a rough approximation of what I look like right this moment. It’s what my MacBook Pro thinks I look like, at least. I actually have green eyes, not blue. And I’m not quite as pale as that. But it does hide my blemishes well!

See you in Chicago!

3 Responses to “Twas The Night Before C4”

  1. ssp Says:

    no red sweater?

  2. Deric Horn Says:

    Sweet, I’m looking forward to hearing all about the conference.

  3. Mithras Says:

    Yeah, you have to wear a red sweater to the conference, come on! :)

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