MarsEdit 3.3.3: Tumblr Fixes

August 11th, 2011

MarsEdit 3.3.3 is now available as a free update for registered MarsEdit 3 customers. Because of the relatively urgent nature of this update for Tumblr users, the direct-download version is being released before the Mac App Store has been approved by Apple. Mac App Store customers may download and run the direct-download version without restriction.

This update includes a change to improve the reliability of MarsEdit when posting to Tumblr. Previously, MarsEdit used an “API URL” for Tumblr that worked reliably, but which has recently been changed by Tumblr to fail with an error.

This release also includes a few other important fixes, so I recommend updating even if you are not a Tumblr user. Complete change list:

  • Improve Tumblr posting reliability by switching to an API URL that is less likely to report “over capacity”
  • Improve memory efficiency for post editor documents
  • Improve reliability of setting and removing links on images in rich text mode
  • The main window’s post list area now stays the same size while resizing window