Child’s Play Day

December 6th, 2006

Mike Zornek had a brilliant idea for a way that independent software vendors could show a little holiday spirit this year. He’s put together a loose-knit collection of companies whose profits from sales tomorrow will be donated 100% to the Child’s Play Charity, which helps hospitals buy toys, books, and other entertainment for the kids under their care.

I love this charity idea because it gives small developers a chance to unite for a good cause, and because that cause is pretty universal and apolitical. Who doesn’t want sick kids to be as happy as possible?

I’m putting my products into the pool, so if you had any intention of buying them, do it tomorrow, December 7th, 2006. I appreciate that picking a 24 hour period and calling it “a day” can be tough to clarify internationally. So I’m interpreting it a little loosely and starting the “sale” right now. My online store includes a note explaining that the charity sales are in place, and I’ll take that notice down sometime after midnight tomorrow. While that notice is in effect you are guaranteed that 100% of your payments will go to the charity (i’m donating the difference in any PayPal or Kagi fees, so the total contribution will be exactly the cost of the product).

There are lots of other great companies participating, so if you’ve been considering any of the products on the list, tomorrow would be a great time to make the purchase!

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  1. Conor Says:

    Last year with the release of Gamepedia we promoted Child’s Play. This year Gamepedia is a gold sponsor of Child’s Play and we are promoting something unusual for giving to friends and family. I recommend buying all the applications that peak your interest promoting Child’s Play and also take a look at giving a fun gift this year.

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