MarsEdit 3.4.4: New Flickr Embed Sizes

March 9th, 2012

I just posted MarsEdit 3.4.4 to the MarsEdit home page for direct-purchase customers, and am submitting to the Mac App Store for release as soon as it’s approved by Apple.

This release is important for MarsEdit customers who use the integrated Flickr browser to insert images into blog posts. In particular, if you tend to use the “Medium” size embed, this update is critical to restore the app’s ability to insert photos of that size.

What happened is Flickr added some new image sizes: “Large Square” and “Small 320”. MarsEdit didn’t know what to make of either of these, and ended up calling each of them “Medium” too. So customers were seeing three medium items in the menu, and it was only ever possible to select the first one.

This update fixes the problem at hand and further fixes the way MarsEdit handled Flickr embed sizes so that should they add additional items or rename the existing ones, MarsEdit should adapt more elegantly.