Cocoa Duel

December 21st, 2006

I was excited to hear about Cocoa Duel earlier this week, just as I was racing off to a hotel-based life of zero time for anything nerdy. But I got a moment of inspiration when I realized I could very cheaply adapt an existing project to suit the terms of the contest/charity.

Check out my blog at Cocoa Duel for more details and a link to the download. Then, whether you like my project or not, vote for it by donating cash to the American Cancer Society via the Cocoa Duel voting page. Or, vote for one of the other participants by donating to their worthy cause, instead!

I think the site itself is a pretty amazing act of instant development. Congrats and thanks to Jason Harris for putting it together. I think we can grant him a little lenience on the time limit, since he’s been busy hacking Ruby instead of Cocoa.