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June 7th, 2012

I’ve done my fair share of podcasting appearances, and even run my own show with my friend Manton Reece. But lately things have been stepping up a bit.

A couple weeks ago I traveled from Boston to New York to take part in a panel presentation with my friends Buzz Andersen, Amanda Wixted, and Marco Arment. The show was organized by Larry Legend as part of the recurring New York iOS Developer Meetup.

Today, Larry announced the video and audio are both available for that discussion. There are a couple technical glitches in the recording, but it’s still worth a listen or watch if you’re interested in iOS development.

I am also very excited to announce a new episode of Core Intuition, marking the start of our decision to accept sponsorship for the show. We were extremely lucky to have Marco Arment’s Instapaper as our debut sponsor. It feels great having a motivation to record more frequently, and to start things off with a sponsor who is both a friend and himself a great developer.

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  1. Doug Says:

    Dan —

    It’s been a lot of fun hearing you lately. I first heard you on a great workflows Power Mac Users episode that you did. While listening I was struck by what a knowledgeable and decent guy you are. I didn’t check out Core Intuition right away, but did start following you on Twitter (I couldn’t quite figure out where the “punkass” part of your handle came from — but I’m guessing its some sort of ironic statement.) Since then, I heard your guest appearance on Build and Analyze (very nicely done) and caught up on the most recent Core Intuition episodes.
    You and Manton do a great job together.

    And so, in the words of Stefanie Pung — you, @danielpunkass, are “carrying out a fabulous job.” Keep it up!

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