FlexTime 1.2

January 16th, 2007

FlexTime 1.2 is out today, with the highly anticipated “Send Audio to iTunes” feature!

Why would you want to send audio to iTunes? It’s the fastest route to the iPod. Many FlexTime routines beg to be taken away from the computer. By sending audio to iTunes, users can easily collect a number of routines on their iPod and play them at their convenience.

Me, personally? I’ll probably use this feature to take my yoga routine with me on trips. Back when I was in music school I would have loved this feature for practicing complex polyrhythms. Basically you’d spot me walking down the street in a sort of hypnotic daze as I conducted one rhythm with my arm and spoke a different one (“ta, ta, ta-ta”). FlexTime would have been a great practice aid for that!

3 Responses to “FlexTime 1.2”

  1. Manton Reece Says:

    Congratulations on finishing 1.2! That’s a really useful feature.

  2. jp Says:

    So how come when I go to download it via MacUpdate I get a “file not found” error?

  3. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Ugh – thanks for pointing this out jp – I just transfered my doman name registration for red-sweater.com to DreamHost, from another registrar. Little did I know this would cause the domain name to start resolving back to my OLD site on DreamHost.

    This is bad … I’m furiously trying to fix it now.


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