Subscribe To Feed 1.0b4

August 2nd, 2012

OK, I know I said I wasn’t particularly going to be supporting the Subscribe to Feed Safari extension I released last week, but it so happens I got a lot of great feedback and even some anonymous code contributions to help beef up the behavior of the plugin.

If you already have 1.0b3 or later installed, you can just check for updates in Safari’s extension preferences. Otherwise, download directly by clicking the name below:

Subscribe to Feed 1.0b4

  • New toolbar icon with Retina display support
  • Support for multiple feeds on a page, selectable from a popup menu
  • Convert from http:// to feed:// for faster, streamlined subscription process
  • Expand the list of MIME types recognized as valid feeds to cover edge cases

Hope you enjoy these fixes and enhancements. Let me know if there are other glaringly missing features or bugs.

19 Responses to “Subscribe To Feed 1.0b4”

  1. Matt B Says:

    Awesome thanks for the update!

  2. Richard Z. Says:

    Thank you for building, and maintaining this extension. I really appreciate it.

  3. Eric Says:

    Thank you so much!

  4. Corentin Cras-Méneur Says:

    Thanks a million for this very useful extension. Nice improvement over the previous version.
    Much appreciated!

  5. Linda Cullen Says:

    Help…..when I hit the subscribe to feed button, I get an error message in mail that states: Error: No associated application could be found. How do I tell the plug-in were to open?

  6. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Hi Linda – see the comments in the post about “RCDefaultApp”. You have to have a dedicated RSS client on your Mac to take advantage of the extension. Mail used to handle RSS in 10.7 but they took that feature out, hence the error message you’re seeing.

  7. Norm Gregory Says:

    I hit the tool bar button and up come my reader RSSOwl. But . . but .. nothing else. The feed is not read my the reader. I am missing a link in there somewhere.

    Any suggestion?

  8. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Hi Norm – If it is coming up in RSSOwl but nothing else happens, it’s probably an issue in RSSOwl in particular. Maybe it’s not designed to properly handle feed: URLs, but the system thinks it is, for some reason. If you manually type a feed URL into Safari’s address bar, e.g.:


    Does it exhibit the same problem (opens RSSOwl but nothing happens)? This would indicate a general problem with opening feed URLs that is not specifically related to my extension.

  9. Norm Gregory Says:

    Yeah, I am pretty sure it’s a RSSOwl problem . . I left a message over at their support forum.


  10. EP Says:

    10b4 does not work in Safari 6 under 10.7.4 – or I am doing something wrong. Extensions are ON and the extension is installed and I can see the RSS icon in the Safari toolbar.

    However, if I try to load a feed, like: feed://

    Mail launches – I do not see the feed in Safari. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  11. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    EP: sorry the post was not more clear about this, but the extension does not add RSS reading functionality to Safari. It merely replicates the old behavior of Safari that the RSS button would open the feed in *your default RSS Reader*. If that default reader was Safari or Mail, it’s not going to work. These applications no longer support reading RSS. You need to download a desktop RSS app and configure it as the default news app on your Mac in order for the extension to work meaningfully.

  12. Adam Rice Says:

    This is an odd edge-case problem. With Subscribe to Feed enabled, I encounter a problem at when using that site’s built-in Javascript-based shortcuts for creating links in posts or comments.

    Metafilter’s posting textfield has a few buttons below it for applying bold/italic/anchor tags to selected text. There are also keyboard equivalents–control B/I/U. If I invoke the “create anchor tag” function through the keyboard shortcut and type a URL into the resulting dialog box, Safari crashes after I hit return on that dialog box. If I invoke this same function by clicking on the button, nothing bad happens. Really weird.

  13. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Adam – thanks for the report. I am writing myself a bug report to look into this more carefully when I get a chance.

  14. Rita Says:

    Hi: I am trying to get a handle on this now that I have to add a third party RSS reader. I’m a little confused. After I download your Feed Reader, is it necessary to download the RCDefaultApp? I read the page and still don’t understand what it does. Does it make the 1.0b4 extension work better?



  15. Rita Says:

    Oops, I meant Feed extension. Not feed reader.


  16. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Hi Rita- what the RCDefaultApp does is help fill the missing functionality in 10.8 of selecting a “default feed reader.” Without it, it’s impossible to set the default reader unless the downloaded 3rd party RSS app of your choice offers to do it for you.

    If there is no “default feed reader” configured for your Mac, then the extension will not be able to open the feeds in any meaningful way.

  17. Rita Says:

    Thanks, Daniel. One more question. If I only have one RSS reader, would that be the default reader so that I would not need to download the RCDefaultApp ?

  18. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Rita: unfortunately, no. Because in particular Apple’s Mail app used to support RSS, it’s likely that unless you just installed 10.8 from scratch, your computer still has a residual default setting for Mail to handle these feeds.

  19. Rita Says:

    Okay. Thanks very much. I appreciate your explanation. Very clear.


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