MarsEdit 3.5.6: Tumblr Is Back

September 26th, 2012

After two tumultuous months grappling with Tumblr’s new API while fielding confused feedback from customers about MarsEdit’s sudden lack of support for the service, I’m happy to announce that MarsEdit 3.5.6 restores support for Tumblr. This is a free update for all registered MarsEdit customers, and can be downloaded directly from theĀ MarsEdit home page. Customers who purchased through the Mac App Store can use the direct-download version immediately, or wait until Apple approves the App Store version.

While I was under the hood, so to speak, I addressed a long-standing issue with Tumblr where edits to posts would cause Tumblr to reset the date of the post to the current date and time. I am now working around the issue by explicitly restating the published-on date when I submit an edit to Tumblr.

Another date-related fix is in MarsEdit’s handling of dates that are set on draft posts. Previously, to change the date for a post e.g. to the future, you would have to edit the date and immediately send it to the blog. The “edited date” is now saved with the local draft in MarsEdit so if you’re working on a post that is slated to be “scheduled” you can set the date to the future early in your edits.

Here is the complete list of minor fixes that went into this update:

MarsEdit 3.5.6

  • Restore Tumblr support by adapting to their latest API changes
  • Adapt to Flickr’s recent requirement to use OAuth for authentication
  • Add support for 10.8 user notifications
  • Fix an issue where Flickr browser’s number of photos shown didn’t match popup selection
  • Fix an issue where some embed and object HTML attributes were being stripped in rich editor
  • Fix an issue where edits to Tumblr posts caused publish date to reset to current time
  • Fix an issue where editing a post’s date didn’t save properly in local drafts

I’ll be particularly interested to hear if folks run into any trouble with Tumblr after updating. Thanks for your patience while I worked through this issue.

4 Responses to “MarsEdit 3.5.6: Tumblr Is Back”

  1. theigloo Says:

    can I post a bug here ? when i click edit post any linked text tagged with has the link stripped from it ;(


  2. theigloo Says:

    sorry that above should read tagged with h2

  3. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Hi theigloo – this isn’t the best place for bug reports, because it’s hard to follow up on them in the conversational way that usually works best for that. Would you mind dropping me a line at support@red-sweater.com? In your email, I’d be curious to see an example of specific HTML from a post that gets stripped when you open it in MarsEdit. Thanks!

  4. Anderson Fagionato Says:

    Hi! Does MarsEdit support automatic tagging in new Tumblr posts? If you say yes, I’m going to buy it now! Cheers.

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