MacBreak Weekly Mentions

March 14th, 2007

Wow! What a thrill to be listening to one of my favorite podcasts, MacBreak Weekly, and suddenly Leo Laporte is uttering my name, and expressing his satisfaction about my acquisition of MarsEdit.

And then I think I was so excited that I started hallucinating, because it almost sounded like Merlin Mann chimed in about FlexTime, and lo, there was a great praising. And everybody was happy. Especially me.

Listen to Episode 33: The Stay-At-Homers, and be sure to perk your ears up around 1:18:00 (that’s 1 hour, 18 minutes in).

My favorite quote is from Leo Laporte about FlexTime, “You know, I have FlexTime and I’m trying to think of what to do with it.” Yeah, the story of that app’s life. Reminds me of John Gruber’s initial reaction. Suffice to say, once you figure out what the heck to use FlexTime for, it will become indispensable :)

Thanks, Leo & Merlin!

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  1. Yong Hwee Says:

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for taking the time and updating Marsedit! I believe it’s in the hands of an awesome developer!

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