Blogger Connection Failures

May 26th, 2015

I am disheartened to confirm that as of today, May 26, 2015, MarsEdit will fail to connect to any blogs hosted on Google’s Blogger/Blogspot service.

MarsEdit has supported Blogger for many, many years. A side-effect of having supported it for so long is the app uses an authentication method, ClientLogin, which has been phased out over time, and is no longer supported by Google.

Although I knew that Google was encouraging developers to adopt a newer authentication method, I was not aware that the ClientLogin mechanism would be shut down this month, or even this year.

I am committed to maintaining support for Blogger in MarsEdit, but adapting to a new authentication method is a non-trivial change, and not something I can turn around immediately. I will make it a priority to update MarsEdit as soon as possible, and will post again on this blog when a beta release is ready for testing, so that Blogger users who are anxious to return to MarsEdit can give it a try.

In the mean time unfortunately I don’t know of any workaround that will allow Blogger users to continue using MarsEdit. I appreciate your patience while I work to update the app.

9 Responses to “Blogger Connection Failures”

  1. Clint Bradford Says:

    I *knew* you would be on top of this for us! MANY THANKS for your marvelous support over the years.

  2. Richard Wanderman Says:


    I’m not a Blogger user (long time wordpress user) but I appreciate your notification on this and appreciate your support of MarsEdit, an application I use a lot and love.


  3. Kevin Daly Says:

    You have my sympathy – I used to develop/maintain a mobile blogging app which initially had Blogger support, but I couldn’t keep up with unannounced changes Google kept making to GData authentication at the time.

  4. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Thanks all of you for the kind words. Clint, I appreciate the positive attitude especially as somebody who is affected directly by the failures. Richard, thanks for appreciating the app and the work I do to support it! And Kevin, yes, it can be tricky to keep up with all the different platforms and sometimes surprise changes. In this particular case it seems more like a situation where I missed the communication from Google, but there have been other changes over the years that took me even more off guard.

  5. vjack Says:

    Thanks for the info. I have been using MarsEdit with Blogger for several years and just received the error for the first time this morning. I was wondering what it meant, and now I know. I understand that fixing something of this magnitude takes time, and I will be patient. In the meantime, I will certainly miss using MarsEdit.

  6. Paul Harvey Says:

    Thank-goodness I found this, I thought I was going mad, I had tried everything to discover what I was doing wrong. I will now patiently await the solution.

  7. william Hay Says:

    Happy to find an answer to the mystery on your Marsedit board today. I have really enjoyed Marsedit. Today’s blog I plan to cut and paste to get around it. I hope you have a solution shortly. I’m about to travel to Ireland in a couple of weeks. The Marsedit has been a terrific tool for uploading travel posts with photos. I’ll arrange some back up redundancy now that I know but really hope you can solve this issue soon. It’s such an elegant application and has given me so much joy of ease.

  8. Charles Shere Says:

    I add my heartfelt thanks for all the work you’ve done in the past, and best wishes for a speedy fix. In the meantime, it looks as if I can use MarsEdit as I always have, but instead of clicking “Upload Post” I’ll copy the whole post out of MarsEdit and paste it into the Blogger dashboard “New Post” page. Of course I’ll have to use Blogger’s photo upload feature, but this solution may be better than no MarsEdit at all…

  9. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Thanks everybody for being understanding about the time it takes to get this fixed. I agree copy/pasting is the best workaround for the short term. I hope to have you all back up and running again soon.

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