MarsEdit 3.7.2: Full Screen Crash Fix

October 16th, 2015

MarsEdit 3.7.2 is available now on the MarsEdit home page, and will be submitted to the Mac App Store approval for approval by Apple.

I mentioned previously that our apps are compatible with OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Well, you never quite know for sure until the masses get ahold of the app and start playing with it. As soon as 10.11 shipped I started seeing reports with a tell-tale indication that MarsEdit was crashing in the process of exiting full screen mode.

I got to the bottom of the problem, which has to do with nuances about how things are cleaned up when a MarsEdit editor is being closed. The issue in the crashes was something about the process of closing a MarsEdit document and exiting full screen mode at the same time, caused a perfect storm of sorts in the cleaning up process: the system was still animating the window after MarsEdit had said goodbye and thought it was done.

MarsEdit 3.7.2 fixes this crash and also included a number of other fixes I’ve been queueing up.

MarsEdit 3.7.2

  • Fix a crash that occurred when closing an editor window directly from Full Screen mode in OS X El Capitan
  • MarsEdit now defaults to HTTPS for new connections to Tumblr blogs to increase security
  • Fix an issue that prevented MarsEdit from connecting to HTTPS endpoints that require TLS1.1 or TLS1.2
  • Fix a problem where content in a post’s title could be stripped for display if it looked like HTML
  • Fix a bug in handling literal % characters in text supplied by browser bookmarklet
  • For Flickr photo browsing, supprot an option to download 500 photos for moderately high number without downloading all
  • MarsEdit’s editor window now fill all available space in full screen mode

Let me know if you run into anything unusual with the update!