FlexTime 1.3.1: Animation Fix

May 17th, 2016

FlexTime 1.3.1 is now available from the FlexTime home page and will be submitted for review by Apple for the Mac App Store.

This update addresses an issue which snuck in somewhere along the way, causing the animated “pie chart” progress indicator to stop animating if you increase the size of a window while a routine is active:

Image of FlexTime running a routine

The issue turns out to be rooted in what I think is a system-level bug, but I found a workaround that seems to get the animation back to displaying reliably.

This update also fixes a couple other little glitches. Complete list of changes:

  • Fix a bug that could cause the routine progress indicator to stop animating during a routine
  • Text is now preserved when switching from a Speak Text to a Show Text cue and vice-versa
  • Fix a bug in which the text field for “At Intervals” section remained enabled even if routine is not divided

Let me know if you run into other issues!