MacOS High Sierra Support

September 26th, 2017

I have tested all Red Sweater’s apps against macOS 10.13 High Sierra, and as far as I am aware there are no issues. All of my apps are compatible with the update. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “MacOS High Sierra Support”

  1. Richard Says:

    Thanks Daniel.

  2. MattF Says:

    Just a suggestion from today’s NYT puzzle– once in a while a crossword has a ‘note’ attached, I know that there’s a item under ‘View’ on the menu bar that lets you see the note, but would be helpful if there was also some indication on the puzzle grid that there’s a note.

  3. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    @MattF – thanks, I totally agree! In fact I just ran into a NYT puzzle the other day where I was reminded to file a bug for myself to add something like that to a future update.

    Funnily enough I just completed today’s puzzle and also hadn’t noticed there were notes attached. I managed to get it without the clue, but the note in today’s case was a nice bit of icing on the puzzle’s cleverness.

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