The Honeymoon Is Over

May 19th, 2007

If you’re lucky, you only get to say that phrase in a non-metaphorical, self-referential way once in your life. We just arrived home in Boston after a lovely two weeks in England. We visited London substantially, York briefly, and then Oxford quite substantially. My beautiful bride was an exchange student at Oxford around 10 years ago, and we’ve visited as a couple once before, and both love it. So it made a natural destination for our honeymoon. We had a great time discovering many facets of the city that even she, having lived there for a year, hadn’t discovered. “I can’t believe I never knew about this!” was the constant refrain. Great city.

I’m catching up on photos and such, which our friends were awesome enough to take and which I didn’t have time to review while away. My girlfriend wife has been giving me a hard time for two weeks because I apparently latched onto the English-ism “and such” in a big way. It just melded into my brain like it had been there forever, and I can’t think of myself using any other construct to express the idea of “and stuff, and so on, and whatzeyhoozey, etc., etc.”

Some of the photos our friends snapped were brilliant, especially one by our friend Wendy, which captures me in an excited state the night before the wedding. We had just finished an awesome dinner at Les Zygomates in Boston, which my parents were generous enough to host for us, and had gone out for a brief meeting with out-of-town friends at a nerd-compatible bar in Cambridge (near MIT) called The Miracle of Science. The presence of distant friends (many from SF, DC, and elsewhere) and the fact that the menu is organized in a table of elements format got me pretty excited (not to mention getting married to the most beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent woman on earth!), so I thought it was a good opportunity to express my thoughts in lolspeak:

The phrase “The Honeymoon Is Over” seems to have negative connotations in common language, but it’s a happy time for me. We just had a killer (if exhausting!) holiday in England, and now we get to settle back into our normal lives, except as a happily married couple. I’m reclaiming “The Honeymoon Is Over” as an enunciation of joy! Let’s get on with this rad life. Summer is nearly here, and we’ve got tons of work and play to do.

8 Responses to “The Honeymoon Is Over”

  1. Mike Zornek Says:

    Awesome. Glad it went so well. Now get back to work! ;)

  2. Jack Says:

    Congrats Daniel!

    Saying “the honeymoon is over” for the 2nd time isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You might decide to go on a 2nd honeymoon for your 10th anniversary or maybe as celebration for shipping! :P All the best!

  3. Chris Says:

    Mike beat me to the punch on the “get back to work” joke. Ah well. A pleasant entry, glad things went so well.

  4. Sebastiaan de With Says:

    I think it was very nice to read up on the good times. Thanks for sharing, Daniel, and enjoy married life!

  5. Bradley Says:

    I’m late, but congratulations to you both!

  6. Andy Peace Says:

    Hey – glad you had a good time. I’m disappointed you went to Oxford and not Cambridge though ;-). (College rivalry dies hard, but I’m sure you would have loved the place also.) Oh, and sorry about the weather.

  7. Joe Cheng [MSFT] Says:


    I’m subscribed to your feed because I also work on a blogging client (Windows Live Writer) but couldn’t resist commenting when I saw that your rehearsal dinner was at Les Zyg–that’s where my wife and I had our wedding reception four years ago. Great place.

  8. David Paul Robinson Says:

    The NSKnot is tied!

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