MarsEdit 1.2: Growl, Picasa and Vox!

June 5th, 2007

MarsEdit 1.2 is now available for download (or just “Check for Updates” from the app). This is a free update for all registered MarsEdit users.

Three relatively big changes in this release:

Growl support. MarsEdit now triggers Growl notifications after publishing, refreshing, and uploading an image or file.

Picasa image uploads for This is pretty transparent. Just select your Blogger blog as the upload target from Images & Files, and MarsEdit will pop the images into a MarsEdit album in your Picasa Web Albums account. Note that Picasa only accepts JPG format images for upload.

Vox support. Currently a bit limited by the Vox implementation of Atom Publishing, but a welcome start for you Vox users who are tired of blogging through the web interface. Main limitations right now are you can’t edit or delete previous posts, and you can’t upload images.

On top of that we’ve got a few smaller enhancements and fixes:

  • Edit Date panel now defaults to existing post date if it has one
  • Context menu item for “Copy URL” when control-clicking a published blog post
  • Workaround for MovableType bug that could cause incorrect timezone offset
  • Fix memory leaks & improve performance of Images & Files window
  • Images & Files upload target now defaults to currently selected blog


11 Responses to “MarsEdit 1.2: Growl, Picasa and Vox!”

  1. Sebastiaan de With Says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Did you have insider knowledge about the new Santa Rosa’s today? I almost bought one, man, aren’t they great. Fantastic release, congratulations :)

  2. Ben Yates Says:

    Being a paying customer of a programming badass such as yourself makes me feel correspondingly cool. (I’m probably an outlier, though.)

  3. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Ben: paying customers, definitely very, very cool in my book :)

  4. Frank Cantu Says:

    I really like how much the program’s been evolving. Nice job! Even though I’m a TextMate-powered blogging man. ;-)

  5. Fab Says:

    Fantastic! Good that you managed to put in blogger picture support (even before 2.0)! Finally I’ll update my blog. You’ve made another paying customer happy (if not cool) :-)

  6. iain Says:

    … I’m blind … where is “check for updates” located within the app?

  7. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    iain: it’s under the “MarsEdit” menu … of course it wasn’t added until version 1.1.3, so if you’re running an earlier version you’ll have to download and upgrade manually.

  8. iain Says:

    * ah … I have 1.1.2 …. thanks ;-)

  9. ajea Says:

    Daniel, does MarsEdit handle tables or is it the ole hand done html?

  10. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Hi ajea – it’s currently hand-done, though I’m hoping to support adding tables at some point.

  11. Steven P Says:

    Hi Daniel, still no tables? Having used the software for a few weeks, the lack of an ‘easy’ way to get the wordpress skin for preview and no tables are my biggest bugbears.

    Other than that though, simple, stable, easy to use. Nice one.

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