Black Ink 2.0.3: Printing Improvements & More

March 5th, 2020

Black Ink 2.0.3 is now available on the Black Ink home page and on the Mac App Store.

While most people love Black Ink for its digital solving features, it’s also an excellent tool for printing. Whether you’re practicing for the ACPT, or you just want to spend a little time away from your screens, turn to Black Ink for an effortless paper rendition of your favorite puzzles.

When you print a puzzle, you get Black Ink’s usual beautiful grid rendering, along with a sophisticated clue layout algorithm, and many options for fine-tuning the content and positioning of the puzzle’s elements:

Screenshot of Black Ink's printing options

This update includes a variety of small improvements to the printing feature, as well as a number of other important fixes to improve the usability and reliability of the app:

  • General improvements to puzzle printing
  • Fixed a bug that caused puzzle clues to print in bold when fitting to a single page
  • Fixed the appearance of the Puzzle Notes when Dark Mode is enabled
  • Improved the centering of circles when drawn in puzzle squares
  • Decreased the severity of the shadow drawn on text in selected cells
  • Fixed a bug that caused the last row/column to be slightly shorter/narrower than other cells
  • Typing a clue number to jump to a clue now favors the clue in the same direction as currently selected clue
  • Removed Emoji & Symbols menu item since it’s not used for puzzle answer entry
  • Direct navigation by typing clue number now favors the orientation where the answer is not yet entered

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