Rex Parker Does the NY Times With Black Ink

April 1st, 2020

What better way to pass the time indoors than by enjoying a nice crossword puzzle?

For many of us who solve the New York Times daily crossword, Rex Parker’s blog is a regular post-solving stop. If there’s anything that seemed unusually great or, more likely, unusually groan-worthy about a particular puzzle, Rex is likely to have nailed it with concision in his daily review.

Today’s entry is a particular treat because Rex shared a live video of his solving process, featuring none other than Black Ink, our Mac crossword solving app. Here’s a direct link to the YouTube video, which I don’t recommend clicking through to until AFTER you’ve solved the puzzle, unless you don’t mind spoilers:

Watch Rex Parker solve the New York Times crossword with Black Ink

It’s fun to see a master at work, especially when he’s using such an excellent tool to get the job done!