Black Ink 2.0.6: Solving Improvements

June 4th, 2020

Black Ink 2.0.6 is now available on the Black Ink site and on the Mac App Store.

This update improves some of Black Ink’s nuanced solving affordances, including its support for “direct clue navigation”. When you type a numeric value while solving in Black Ink, you see a heads-up display previewing the clue number you’ll navigate to:

Screenshot from Black Ink showing the numeric display that appears when typing a clue number for direct navigation

Previously to 2.0.6, after typing a clue number you had to press return to “confirm” the jump. Starting with this release, after a short pause the focus will automatically jump without confirmation. It’s the little things that add up!

Complete list of changes for this release:

  • Typing a number to jump to a clue now automatically commits without pressing enter
  • Change default navigation preferences to not pause cursor movement when changing directions
  • Fix the appearance of circled cells to prevent the circle being shifted a little too high
  • Fix a crash that could occur when tabbing in a puzzle with squares that do not correspond to any clue
  • Fix a bug that could change other answers when revealing a multi-character answer
  • Fix a bug that caused the wrong clue to show when reopening the app with a down clue selected

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