MarsEdit 4.4.3: Crashing Fix for Big Sur Beta 9

October 2nd, 2020

MarsEdit 4.4.3 is now available on the MarsEdit site and on the Mac App Store.

This update includes a few bug fixes and a workaround for a crashing bug that affects all users running the macOS Big Sur beta 9 update. I’ve filed a bug with Apple about the underlying cause of the crash, which is in their image-processing frameworks, but I found a workaround for MarsEdit so thought I would update it ASAP to avoid people running into the problem sooner than later.

I had some other improvements in mind for this update, and thought at first that I’d wait until they were done, but I’ve been surprised by the substantial number of crash reports I’m getting from folks who are running the macOS Beta. Hopefully Apple will fix the issue for the next beta, but just in case they don’t this should prevent a lot of users from running into the annoying crash!

Complete list of changes for this release:

  • Fix a crashing bug at launch on a pre-release version of macOS
  • Fix a bug that prevented categories from being added to a post on Hatena, Live Door, and other AtomPub based blogs
  • Restore ability to select multiple images at once from “Published” tab of Media Manager
  • Fix some bugs that could occur when attempting to publish posts with no blog added

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