Interview With Ars Technica

June 28th, 2007

I met so many amazing people at WWDC, among them Jacqui Cheng and Clint Ecker of Ars Technica.

Imagine how honored I was when they invited me to be interviewed on video for the blog? I think it came out pretty well, all things considered. You’ll get a sense for my speaking voice, and also hear my words drowned out by downtown San Francisco traffic!

Ars at WWDC: Video Interview with Daniel Jalkut

2 Responses to “Interview With Ars Technica”

  1. Christopher Humphries Says:

    Interesting, yet I see you say the same thing everyone else says: get 1.0 out ASAP!

    Also made the point of you need to not only get interested in something and start it, yet if you actually want to be successful (or have a real chance to) you need to finish it.

    Unlike your twitter picture, you seem to just be another programmer geek too :)

  2. Ken Says:

    Hey, cool interview! Congrat!


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