Borkware’s Back, Baby

August 23rd, 2007

Many of this blog’s readers know the name Mark Dalrymple. Why? Because he’s the author of some of the best technical literature available on the subject of programming Macs. Targeting readers from the getting started to the deep nitty-gritty ends of the developer spectrum, Mark’s writing is a great gift to the Cocoa (and low-level Mac-Unix!) community.

Mark also writes a blog. The Borkware Miniblog has long been on my subscription list, but I’ve noticed his output ramping up lately. No doubt it’s thanks in part to his recent adoption of MarsEdit! Mark started a new WordPress blog to facilitate the move, as he writes in his “First Post“:

I’m moving the Borkware Miniblog to WordPress, mainly so I can use the most excellent Red Planet MarsEdit editor. Web forms just don’t do it for me any more.

Amen to that, Mark! It’s great to have you on the Red Planet.

A lot of people I know (especially developers!) tell me that they would use MarsEdit, if only they blogged more. My answer to this chicken-n-egg question is almost always the same. “If you used MarsEdit, you would blog more.” At least, that’s how it works for me. It’s great to see it works that way for others, as well. Quotes like Mark’s inspire me to keep working on the app. Because if I can save yet another developer from the painful clutches of the web form, it’s all worth it!

2 Responses to “Borkware’s Back, Baby”

  1. Christopher Humphries Says:

    Woot, looking forward to seeing what Mark has to say!

    It is true, MarsEdit makes it where you want to blog more, I’m making use of the draft feature more than anything else.

    [pst pst… when’s MarsEdit 2 coming]

  2. Michael Himsolt Says:

    I can confirm that. Its very likely I would blog less (or not at all) if I woud be forced to use the WordPress web interface.

    I really dont like writing longer texts (such as blog entries) in a textarea field. OK, I could use TextMate and do copy&paste, but thats still not very convenient when you just want to correct a typo.

    Besides that, I have written a small Applescript that adds a markdown formatted link with the URL of the current Safari tab — easy with MarsEdit, but I dont think that would be possible with the web interface.

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