UI Browser 4

October 30th, 2022

Recently, Mac automation legend Bill Cheeseman retired, and left his highly regarded UI Browser, a utility for interrogating the Mac’s accessibility and GUI scripting facilities, in the hands of Mark Alldritt, who develops Script Debugger. The app is no longer for sale but remains available to download as a free trial, and as a fully functioning product for folks who had already purchased the app.

Today Mark Alldritt announced that UI Browser 4, a Swift rewrite of the app, had also been in development. The great news is that the unfinished product has now been published as open source. There are caveats about the incompleteness of the app, but it’s great to know that there might be a future for this very niche, very useful app. I’ll certainly give the source code a look and see if there are any modest contributions I can make.