MarsEdit 5 Public Beta

November 23rd, 2022

I’m excited to share that MarsEdit 5, the next major upgrade to the desktop Mac blog editing app, will be officially released in about two weeks! I am still tying up some loose ends but I want to share an early peek with any users who want to give some of the new features a look:

Click to Download MarsEdit 5.0b7

This update includes a number of changes, both big and small. When the public release is complete I’ll write a more thorough description, but in the mean time here’s a bullet list of some of the biggest changes:

  • New Markdown syntax highlighting in plain text mode
  • New “Micropost” interface for streamlined publishing of short-form posts
  • New calendar-based date editor changing publish dates
  • New inline find/replace interface used throughout the app
  • Support for inserting photos and sketches directly from iPhone or iPad
  • Rich editor updated to modern WebKit2 for improved performance

There may be a few surprises in store yet before the official release, but I hope you enjoy checking out what’s there now in the mean time.

MarsEdit 5 will be a paid upgrade for existing licensed users of MarsEdit 4, and a free upgrade for people who purchased MarsEdit 4 after July 1, 2022. So if you’re excited about what you see and want to ensure you get MarsEdit 5 for the lowest price, purchase MarsEdit 4 today!