Rumblings From The Northwest

September 7th, 2007

I just noticed a new entry on Gus Mueller’s blog that has me very curious. He’s got an interview with a developer, supposedly releasing a new product on Monday. The interview is sort of comically blacked-out in some important areas, I guess to preserve the secrecy of the product until it launches. But little clues here and there make me pretty confident I know what they’re talking about.

The C4 conference this year was packed with amazing developers, and many of them did hail from the Pacific Northwest. One of the traditions at these conferences is to show off works in progress to other developers. It sort of goes without saying that we’ll keep our traps shut in exchange for getting a glimpse at some of the exciting new things that are in store for the world.

I recall seeing one work-in-progress in particular that sounds like it could be the one in this interview. Boy, I had no idea we’d be seeing it this soon after C4, but if it’s what I’m thinking of, a large number of Mac users are going to be very happy on Monday.

7 Responses to “Rumblings From The Northwest”

  1. Christopher Humphries Says:

    Is it a non-reflective dock for Leopard? That would be SO awesome.

  2. Ash Ponders Says:

    If it’s not a pony, I dont want it.
    Unless its an alternative to PS and its made with Cocoa magic.
    In which case yes please.

  3. Christian Says:

    Gruber’s link to this post [1] leads me to the conclusion that it’s going to be a Flying Meat, Inc. release. If this is the case, was I the only person who didn’t glean that from the interview?


  4. Andy Lee Says:

    I thought Gus’s piece was tongue-in-cheek, since it sounds like many other interviews with with indie developers. I’ll be embarrassed if I was wrong. But glad if there’s a cool new app in the world.

  5. Pat Garner Says:

    If you select the blacked out blocks in Gus’s text you can see what’s underneath.

  6. Pat Garner Says:


  7. Andy Lee Says:

    I was indeed wrong, and it does indeed look cool.

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