Archive Your Tweets with + MarsEdit

April 12th, 2023

Manton Reece writes about a newly restored feature of, which allows you to import your Twitter archive into the service.

One clever thing about the new import feature is it imports your tweets as a whole separate blog within, so it truly works as a sort of archive. For example, Manton’s own tweets are available in perpetuity here.

Manton built in the ability to filter by date, and search the entire archive. This makes it an ideal replacement for one of the remaining reasons I go to to dig up a reference to some old thing I remember writing about.’s interface is faster and more accurate than Twitter!

As Manton noted in his post, another cool side-effect is that you can connect your new tweets blog on to MarsEdit, creating a permanent offline archive of the posts on your Mac:

Screenshot of MarsEdit's post list interface showing a number of Twitter posts by way of

One shortcoming to archiving your blog in MarsEdit is that any images you uploaded to Twitter, which does import for you, will not be downloaded to MarsEdit. This is because MarsEdit doesn’t yet support downloading the media archive associated with a I’m working on a fix for this soon, though!

Congratulations to Manton on creating such a simple, useful way to archive all your tweets in a way that is both publicly readable and privately useful.