Black Ink iOS 2.0.1: Let’s Do it Right This Time

January 23rd, 2024

Black Ink for iOS 2.0.1 is now available on the App Store.

Yesterday, in the excitement of debuting Black Ink for iOS, I neglected to notice that somehow in the process of submitting and releasing the app publicly, a months-old version of “Black Ink 2.0” was swapped in and became the version that went public!

This means there were a number of bugs in yesterday’s release that had long been fixed. To avoid any ambiguity, today I’m releasing Black Ink 2.0.1, which I have now confirmed is in fact the latest version of the app. If you did jump on the initial release yesterday and installed 2.0, please update to 2.0.1 ASAP so you have a better experience.

If you haven’t installed Black Ink for iOS yet, the initial experience should go a lot smoother starting with today’s update!

If you enjoy Black Ink, please consider writing a review or rating the app on the App Store, and spreading the word on Facebook or Twitter! Thanks for your support.