Black Ink 1.0.7

October 8th, 2007

Since I acquired and renovated Black Ink, it’s been cranking along steadily winning the hearts of Mac-loving crossword solvers. Thankfully I have a group of really dedicated solvers who seem to find the strangest bugs. Black Ink 1.0.7 fixes an issue where puzzles that contain multi-character answers (like “CAT” all crammed into a single square) were not being detected as “correct,” and therefore not triggering the congratulatory hurrah dialog.

This release also restores the ability to zoom the puzzle’s size in and out by keyboard shortcut. For many MacXword fans, this was a major omission in Black Ink, so I hope they’ll be pleased by the new functionality.

Black Ink 1.0.7

  • Menu items for making puzzle larger/smaller
  • Add keyboard shortcut for opening web puzzle chooser
  • Fix correctly-solved detection for puzzles with multi-character answers

2 Responses to “Black Ink 1.0.7”

  1. Ted Winder Says:

    At last! This looks like a great program, well done!

  2. Ephraim Says:

    “I hope they”™ll be pleased by the new functionality.”

    I am, thanks. I like screen-filling puzzles on the laptop, and now that jumbo New York Sun puzzle from September is workable without a big screen. Good work!

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