FlexTime Gets Some Love

October 15th, 2007

Things have been hectic. Real hectic! Between acquiring two major applications this year, renovating and rebranding one, and building a significant 2.0 upgrade for the other, oh and getting married among other things, I’ve had very little extra time to work on anything else (or not work, for that matter!).

But I finally got a bit of time to address a few nagging issues with FlexTime. People have been complaining since very early on that the “reset” and “back” buttons should behave more like the familiar CD-players that the UI sort of roughly resembles. That is to say, pressing back should not skip to the previous item in the timeline, unless you’re already really close to the beginning. And pressing reset shouldn’t stop the playback, it should just start it over.

These minor usability tweaks should come as a great relief to people who have been fighting the unintuitive nature of the old behavior. Also, when I added the “Export to iTunes” feature, which is awesome for taking your routines on the road, I neglected to produce a toolbar icon for it. Now we’ve got a very cute, very obvious little iTunes button that you can install in the routine window:

The button will be present by default for all new users. If you’re an existing user you may have to customize the toolbar to drag it in, since your old preferences won’t include it.

5 Responses to “FlexTime Gets Some Love”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Sorry for the off-topic comment, but what happened to your post about Amazon Prime?

  2. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Kevin – I decided I was being too whiny, and it wasn’t productive. For the record, the gist is that I unknowingly paid for two years of Amazon Prime and resented Amazon for it. But shortly after posting, I decided I didn’t think it deserved a full rant.

  3. Opal Tribble - The Mac Diva Says:

    I just discovered FlexTime this morning. I’ve been thinking about getting a scheduler for my 17″ MacBook Pro for a little while. Odd, but recently I’ve been finding it challenging to stay focused all my projects. Then again I do have a lot on my schedule. I’ve been looking for something like this.I downloaded it and tried it out this morning with a freelance writing assignment.

    It helped keep me focused. It did ding me when my time was up. The great thing was I was still working on the project. I was able to knock out two assignments this morning. You have another great product.

    I would love to see a calendar add to this, but I’m happy with what does. I’m trying out the trial and like MarsEdit this is something else I’ll be purchasing. I highly doubt that I’ll wait 30 days before I purchase it.

  4. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Really cool. Glad you are finding such good use for it. What would the calendar addition do in particular? Like integrate with iCal?

  5. Opal Tribble - The Mac Diva Says:

    That would be cool if it could work with iCal. I have projects on iCal weeks, and in some cases, months in advance. Being able to add FlexTime to iCal so that it automatically starts to correspond depending on the event I’ve selected would be very cool, but I imagine that would take a lot of work, lol. Regardless I’m loving it.

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