Red Sweater Is Leopard Ready

October 19th, 2007

The buzz in the Mac community is all about Leopard. It’s coming next week, and many users are rightfully concerned about whether their favorite apps will “just work” with the update.

I think some users are surprised to learn that many indie software developers take it for granted that “working with the next OS release” is a given, barring some extremely costly circumstance. Extremely costly circumstances include situations where, as with the debut of OS X, applications needly to be significantly redesigned or retested. For the version bumps in major OS X upgrades, developers should be happy to give free upgrades, because the updates bring so many new features to the developer’s tool kit.

OS upgrades are Apple’s greatest gift to developers. We want users to upgrade. So we should support the upgrades in our software, for free, whenever possible.

I get emails from users who have clearly been given the raw end of the deal by other companies, and I can’t decide whether I have more pity on the user or on the company that thinks it’s winning anybody’s heart by nickel-diming its customers. Just give them an update, already!

Enough Preaching – What About Red Sweater?

I’ve been running pre-release versions of Leopard as my main development OS for over 4 months, and I’ve been using and testing each of of my apps in that environment. Fortunately, the vast majority of things “just worked.” I had to make some minor tweaks to FastScripts, which I released with the last update.

Red Sweater applications are Leopard-Ready (as far as we can tell), and if any compatibility issues do come up, I expect to be able to address them quickly after Leopard is publicly released. If you’re thinking “I hope my favorite Red Sweater apps will keep working when I upgrade to Leopard,” chances are overwhelmingly good that they will.

Thanks for being my customer! Leopard is going to be awesome!

Update: It’s easy to forget, but it should go without saying that the ease with which my applications were migrated to Leopard was made possible by the hard work of hundreds of Apple employees who worked their asses off these past two years.

7 Responses to “Red Sweater Is Leopard Ready”

  1. Chip Warden Says:


    Thanks for the efforts to be Leopard-ready. If it won’t violate your NDA, could you answer a couple of geeky questions?

    1. What version of Apache does Leopard ship with?
    2. What version of PHP does Leopard ship with?

    I’m just terribly curious, and just can’t seem to get my Google-fu to work on these questions.

    Thanks a lot. I still loves me some MarsEdit!

    Chip Warden

  2. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Hi Chip – the questions seem so innocuous, but if Apple hasn’t publicized the info I’m afraid it would violate NDA to talk about the details :(

  3. bryanl Says:

    What features of Leopards are your applications taking advantage of? How does Leopard make your applications better?

  4. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Bryan: I’m not taking advantage of any Leopard features in particular, at the moment. Leopard makes my apps better in the ways that Leopard makes any app better.

    One thing that comes to mind is the media browser built into the file panel on Leopard, which will make it a lot easier for MarsEdit users to access photos and movies they want to upload to their blogs.

  5. stubblechin Says:

    Thanks back atcha, Daniel! You’re a true gentleman. The only program of yours that I own is FlexTime, although I’ll be buying MarsEdit as soon as I implement the MetaWeblog API on my blog.

  6. Neil Anderson Says:

    Well done, Daniel. Thanks!

  7. Chad Says:

    I just read about the Media Browser on the Leopard’s features page, and that is certainly a useful feature for an upcoming application I’m in the process of writing.

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