MarsEdit For Mac Gem Of The Year

November 6th, 2007

What a great honor: MarsEdit has been nominated in the Macworld Readers’ Choice Awards, as the Mac Gem of the Year!

If you love MarsEdit, I would be grateful if you decide to cast your vote in its favor!

Of course, the fact that it’s down to six great applications, and MarsEdit is among them, that feels pretty good in its own right. But it would be even more awesome if we actually won!

11 Responses to “MarsEdit For Mac Gem Of The Year”

  1. Tim Gaden Says:

    “if we won”? Who’s the “we”? Are you empire-building?

  2. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Well, not yet. Though I do sometimes adopt the royal we ;)

    In this case I sort of meant it like, if we all try to vote for MarsEdit and it wins, then we all “win.”

  3. Mike Jalkut Says:

    An honor reserved for very few.


  4. Alan Schmitt Says:

    Congratulations. It’s really too bad one is only allowed one gem, because there is another program on this list that I’m really fond of. (I’ll just say that it’s name recently changed…)

  5. Jon Trainer Says:

    Great job Daniel! Pretty big honor just to be nominated, but I’m confident “we” will win.

  6. TheBoyKen Says:

    But MarsEdit isn’t a (Ruby) gem, it’s an app :)

    Good luck anyhow Daniel!

  7. PGM Says:

    Well, isn’t that one of the rules of being a one-man shop? Always talk in plural about your company since customers will have more confidence in you.

  8. PGM Says:

    Oh, and congratulations of course!

  9. Matt Harwood Says:

    Voted – definitely deserved it there too, Dan. Congratulations on all your efforts this year..!

  10. Jon Says:

    I’d vote – but this software is really expensive for what it does. I mean, VMWare’s Fusion costs just as much and arguably I get a lot more bang for my buck. Development is also pretty slow. What’s changed in the past two months. Compare this software with Microsoft’s pluggable LiveWriter and you’ll see what I mean.

  11. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Jon: I appreciate your complaints, but it’s hard to compare the efforts of a one-person company like myself with the efforts of a huge corporation like Microsoft or VMWare. These companies have huge economy of scale, and also huge revenues from other products to pick and choose how they price their consumer-end software.

    Obviously, don’t pay for something if you don’t think it has value, but try to judge things on their own merit instead of stretching to make comparisons with other things. VMWare? We’re not even vaguely in the same market.

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