MacSanta Is Coming To Town

December 4th, 2007

My friend Paul Kafasis at Rogue Amoeba, and his team put together a pretty amazing setup this year for developers to communicate “holiday deals” directly to customers. It’s a pretty simple set up: every day until Dec 24, a new set of mystery software developers will be unveiled as participants in the program. On the day of their unveiling, the products they sell are offered at 20% off the regular price. If you miss a developer on the day they debut, you can still get 10% off any time during the rest of December.

Today is my MacSanta day! Check me out!

Unfortunately, today has also already been a lesson in under-testing new features. Partly in anticipation of this promotion, I added the ability to accept and process coupon codes in my store. This works great … if you’re using a credit card to check out. If you use PayPal apparently the coupon gets lost in the process of going out to PayPal and then coming back.

There’s always something!

Update: PayPal coupon bug fixed. Hopefully smooth sailing for the rest of the month!

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