Dream Week?

December 19th, 2007

In my previous post, I expressed excitement over the recent review of MarsEdit 2 in Macworld magazine.

Well, this week is just getting better and better. Today, I learned that Macworld has awarded MarsEdit the prestigious Eddy Award, their annual award to products chosen for their excellence by the editorial staff.

Look at that statue closely, he’s holding a classic Mac. How cute is that?

It probably goes without saying that this kind of recognition is extremely gratifying, and will surely help to fuel another year of hard work on my part. Thanks so much, Macworld, for choosing to recognize my product.

If that wasn’t enough, MacBreak Weekly episode 70 has been released (to the iTunes feed, not updated yet on the web page), and I received some great recognition in this episode from Andy Ihnatko, a well-known and long-time Mac journalist. He is actually trying out MarsEdit himself, but reserving final judgment until he spends more time with it. But he took the opportunity to check out Black Ink, which he selected as his MacBreak Weekly “software pick of the week.” He says Black Ink is “an incredibly Mac-like app. It’s perfect for filling in crossword puzzles.” Thanks, Andy! I appreciate it very much. If you’re interested in hearing all of his comments, be sure to keep listening through 1:21:40.

MarsEdit and Black Ink are making waves this week, and I’m loving the ride!

But on a more gracious note …

MarsEdit is getting a lot of new recognition these days thanks to the hard work I’ve been putting into it, but it’s worth remembering the hard work that Brent Simmons put into the original version. The vast majority of that code is still running today and is the basis on which all of today’s excellence is built. Gus Mueller of Flying Meat also deserves a lot of credit for taking the reins for the 1.1 era of the product’s development history.

And … and … (awards ceremony music starts playing) … thanks to Bryan Bell for helping me to revitalize MarsEdit’s look with a whole new set of toolbar icons. I believe those touches were the icing on the cake for 2.0.

And thanks to all the users who offer nearly-continuous encouragement.

11 Responses to “Dream Week?”

  1. Nerg Says:

    Congratulations and very well deserved. :) Winner!

  2. Steve Harris Says:

    How impressive! Congrats! So glad MarsEdit is getting the recognition it deserves.

  3. charles Says:

    Nice! Congratulations…

  4. Nick Bradbury Says:

    Daniel, congrats! It’s *great* to see your efforts result in a well-deserved Eddy!

  5. Mirko Says:

    Congratulations! You definitely deserve it! :)

  6. Dmitry Chestnykh Says:


  7. Maria João Valente Says:

    Congratulations, Daniel.

    MarsEdit is a wonderful application and the prize is well deserved.

  8. Mike Jalkut Says:

    way cool!

  9. James Says:

    Congratulations Daniel – its a great app and well worth the award.

  10. Kevin Says:

    MarsEdit is one of the few applications I use almost every day. I simply don’t know what I would do without it! Congrats on the award Daniel!

  11. Takaaki Says:


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