TapeDeck 1.0

May 9th, 2008

My friends Chris Liscio and Daniel Sandler have joined forces for a very cool new product called TapeDeck.

What is TapeDeck? Well, as those of you old enough to remember tapes can guess, it’s essentially a very simple audio recorder which embraces with gusto the tape cassette metaphor. It’s pretty fun to watch the wheels of a cute little “virtual tape” turn as you record your mental notes, a riff on the guitar, whatever.

Back in the OS 9 days, Apple used to ship a default audio recorder in the system preferences, so you could easily record your own system beeps, etc. Since then, it’s been remarkably hard to “just grab some audio” in a quick and painless manner. TapeDeck might be the new solution for this problem in my day to day workflow.

Congrats, Chris and Daniel, on a very well done 1.0.