WWDC CocoaHeads 2008

June 6th, 2008

Last year Scott Stevenson put together a fun event at the Apple store during the week of WWDC, and invited me to participate. We talked about a variety of indie Mac issues, and also took questions from the audience.

The great news is Scott is doing another event this year: Tuesday, 7PM at the Apple store. I’ll be talking about some experimenting I’ve been doing along the lines of “visual debugging,” in particular visualizing the key focus responder chain in a Cocoa application. Other people will be talking about much more interesting things!

Hope to see you there! Last year the place filled up pretty quickly so I recommend arriving early if you want to get a seat.

5 Responses to “WWDC CocoaHeads 2008”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Hey Daniel,
    Speaking of schedules and times, I subscribed to a personalized calendar of the coming week, but the times are all in PST. As my computer is set to EST, the schedule is off. Will this change when I arrive in SF, or is there something I can adjust so I can actually see what I am headed for?
    I listened to your podcast this morning. I enjoyed it, and it is getting me even more pumped for my first WWDC.
    Can the weather really be in the 60’s? In New York, we are fighting 90’s. Am I really going to be going back to pants and light jackets?

  2. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    I haven’t played with the personalized calendars yet. I imagine it will switch to the right time zone as long as you change the time zone on your Mac.

    The biggest mistake people make visiting SF is to only pack a light jacket. You might end up wanting/needing a sweater under that, as well.

  3. Andy Lee Says:

    Argh, this is *exactly* the kind of event that makes me wish I could go this year.

    2009, for sure.

  4. Andy Lee Says:

    Oh, and regarding clothing, it gets cold inside the Moscone Center too, independent of the weather outside. One day last year I left my jacket at my hotel and was so frozen I bought an Apple fleece jacket during lunch break.

  5. Jeff LaMarche Says:

    Hey, another Jeff here… look forward to meeting you, Daniel. Going to WWDC for the first time, which is really sad considering I lived in the Bay Area for seven years, but in my defense I had young kids and was working at a non-Apple-friendly software company the entire time.

    And, yes, Daniel is right about bringing a coat. Look up the Mark Twain quote about San Francisco if you don’t believe.

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