Startup School Podcast

November 3rd, 2005

A few weeks ago, a relatively low-key, one day convention took place in Cambridge, MA. The event, put on by the unconventional Y Combinator venture group, was dubbed “Startup School.” Essentially a one-day lecture series in which a number of high-caliber computer and business industry players gave short speeches and answered Q&A from an audience filled with aspiring startup founders.

Though I missed the event, I was lucky enough to meet up afterwards with some folks who attended, and got a sense for what the scene was like. It sounds like a lot of really ambitious and talented people were inspired to put their innovation caps on. What will come of this firebrand occasion? Only time will tell.

Luckily for the rest of us, the folks at Y Combinator have made audio recordings of all the speeches available in podcast format. The recording quality is good, though one major shortcoming is that most questions from the audience are not audible. This means you’ll experience moments of silence followed by a response from the speaker. Some of the speakers are kind enough to rephrase the questions before answering them.

I like these recordings not only because the collective wisdom of the speakers is easy to respect, but because the nature of the event seems to have lent a bit of an informal nature to the proceedings. I almost get the sense that the speakers had no idea that what they were saying was being recorded for eventual international broadcast. You get a sense of these speakers on a pretty social, everyday level. Check it out:

Startup School Podcast

Several hours of interesting computer-industry banter to help you while away those miles on the treadmill.

Thanks to Beau Hartshorne for the link!