MarsEdit 2.2

July 22nd, 2008

I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of MarsEdit 2.2, a free update to MarsEdit 2.

Generic AtomPub Support

AtomPub is a new specification for communication between a blog and a remote editor such as MarsEdit. To use MarsEdit with your AtomPub-compatible blog, select “Other AtomPub Compatible” from the configuration popup in your weblog settings, and enter the service document URL in the RPC URL field.

Please consider the AtomPub support somewhat “introductory.” It seems to work fine in my testing, but it hasn’t seen a whole lot of real-world use yet. I’m sure that development will be refined as I get feedback from users about security schemes you want to see supported, etc.

Customizable Image Markup

Now you can use MarsEdit’s powerful markup macros in the media window. In addition to the built-in macros for image alignment, you can add your own
to finely tune the markup that is used when inserting images or other files. Just select “Edit…” from the bottom of the popup menu that, by default, only contains alignment tags.

Performance Boost

Significant speed improvements to launch time and sorting the table of weblog entries.

And More…

  • Support for removing unwanted items from the media catalog.
  • New post table columns for viewing Tags or Post ID.
  • A date editor pull down for easily selecting today’s date.
  • Improved MIME type generation for uploaded files.
  • Blosxom now uses the “Slug” field to specify the file name.

Hope you enjoy the update! Download it and let me know what you think.