NetNewsWire 5.0

August 26th, 2019

Today, Brent Simmons announced the launch of NetNewsWire 5.0. Congratulations to Brent and the rest of the open source team that made this happen!

NetNewsWire is an important app to me both because I have been actively using it as my news reader for over 15 years, and because it is literally the progenitor of MarsEdit! MarsEdit began as an in-app blogging feature before Brent spun it out into its own app

Recently on Twitter, Becky Hansmeyer observed that MarsEdit and NetNewsWire’s icons appeared to be related:

In fact, they are part of some “indie blogging software suite,” as informal as it may be. And MarsEdit has been getting lonely in this suite! After a long hiatus, it’s great to see NetNewsWire being actively developed again, not only by its original author, but with the help of a bunch of fresh new minds who I’m sure will carry it forward for many major updates to come.