Touché 1.1.5: It Works Again!

August 17th, 2021

Touché 1.1.5 is now available from the Touché home page.

When Apple first announced the Touch Bar, I was excited to dig in and start playing with it even before I had access to a Mac with a Touch Bar. Touché 1.0 was the result of that ambition.

Over the years the system’s support for Touch Bar changed in ways that made Touché slowly become less reliable and, finally, to more or less not work on any Macs at all.

I recently had some insights about how the Touch Bar support on the system has changed, and was able to put together an update to Touché that restores functionality.

Touché is an unusual product for me in that I don’t actually use it myself. When functionality stopped I was tempted to remove it from the site altogether, but now that I’ve gotten it working again, I think it will be nice to make it available to those who will enjoy it. Maybe you are one of those people? If so, I hope you do enjoy it.

Update, August 19, 2021: I just posted a quick 1.1.6 update to fix a few outstanding issues in 1.1.5. Check for updates or download the latest from the home page to get these fixes:

  • On Macs with a real Touch Bar, prevent the Touch Bar from going blank when showing Touché
  • Fix a bug where changes to keyboard shortcuts in Touché Preferences did not have an effect until restarting the app
  • Improve visual contrast in the Touch Bar window title and in Preferences